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This learning platform provides child safety training in accordance with national child safety standards and principles.


The Orchestra

An interactive story where you choose the ending. Can you make the best choice to find harmony between reputations, relationships and responsibilities? 


Be Child Wise

Finding child-safety compliance requirements puzzling?

Andrew, a HR manager from a large childcare provider, was having difficulty keeping up to date with national standards and onboarding education in child safety. He’d been around a long time and considered compliance requirements a box-ticking exercise to keep his manager and the government happy.

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Seen child abuse and don’t know what to do? 

A young worker on a holiday camp, Rosa, witnessed from the office window, a parent hit their child on the back of the head several times before bringing the child into the camp. Rosa felt sick and scared. She had been raised to believe 'nobody likes a dobber’ but was courageous and wanted to do the right thing.

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Child-safety standards - what’s the fuss about?

Beryl dealt with all food deliveries - talked to the drivers, took stock of items, and signed packing slips. After one delivery Beryl felt uneasy about the delivery man. She decided to follow him to see he left school property. Is she glad she did? Very much so. He went into the girls’ toilets with his phone camera activated.

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“I now feel ready to approach a difficult situation. I am prepared and aware.”


Compliance Manager

“The training was customised for each of our departments. The regular reports gave the department managers the information needed, on time.”



“The online training was highly effective and scalable across our large organisation of remote workers. A great ROI!”

Mario Herber

Human Resources

“The digital certificates and weekly number of completion reports has reduced our administration efforts.”